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When The Storm Lasts

Lent - Saturday March 2

Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25

When The Storm Lasts

As I read about Jesus calming the storm, my first reaction is amazement. This story demonstrates Jesus’ power when circumstances are beyond our control. However, as I reread it, I see something else. The passage suggests that Jesus would have preferred the disciples to trust in His power and lordship without waking Him up in the boat. I wonder what that would have looked like for them? Would they have needed to ride out the storm for many more hours while Jesus continued sleeping?

We get the benefit of reading this story many years later. Despite my confidence in the power of Jesus to change circumstances, I often respond with little faith to the storms in my life, just as the disciples did. I want to get to a place in my relationship where I trust Him enough to quiet my heart, even if He doesn’t calm the storm right away.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: Based on Jesus’ reaction in this story, how do you think He wanted the disciples to react to the storm? What do you think that could have looked like? What do you think it might look like for you to respond in a similar way to storms in your own life?

Pray: Talk honestly to Jesus about the current storm in your life. First, ask Him to be with you in the midst of it. Then ask Him how He wants you to respond and listen to see if He has anything to say to you. Lastly, ask Him to calm it.

Respond: The disciples’ experience is helpful for us many years later because the Gospel writers took time to write it down. Perhaps the presence of Jesus during your storm could encourage someone else someday. So, during the next few days, spend some time journaling about your circumstances, how you are leaning into Jesus as you ride out the storm, and what His presence means to you in this experience. Alternatively, you could write a letter to someone in similar circumstances, if that’s an easier writing prompt for you.

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