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Our Vision to help grow God's Kingdom

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The Lord has blessed us by growing His church quickly and in large numbers over the last few years. There is a renewed sense of mission and vision as we look to what God wants to do in, and through, RNW. It is clear that this includes a larger church with a wider regional outreach but still with a primary call to the people of Redoubt North. The challenge for the church is to find ways to accommodate the increasing numbers of people that God is bringing to His church in ways that help foster belonging and growth.


Our property vision


Our Servant Leaders agree that our “ultimate” property vision is to have facilities that enable us to be an incarnational community of faith. These facilities will provide us with a base from which to reach the community with the good news of Jesus Christ in a practical way. They will enable us to also facilitate the discipleship journey of those in our faith community (both those who are part of our faith community now and those who join us in the future).

We see

  • Facilities for practical service such as providing food to those in need, a social space where people can gather and just “be”, a free library of books and resources, a free “op” shop where people can just take what they need.

  • Dedicated (separate) facilities for children, youth etc. both indoors and outdoors (e.g. areas for games such as basketball).

  • Facilities to run programmes and ministries which meet the needs of the community e.g. a sewing / arts & crafts programme, an early childhood centre, ministries to parents, the elderly etc., before & after school care and the like.

  • A community services hub which provides the local community with some of the key services which many have to walk or bus to as they are not available locally. These could include any combination of a Doctor’s surgery, (free or at least low-cost) counselling facilities, community law offices, WINZ service centre, a café / bookstore with affordable menu’s etc. or the like.

  • Office facilities (Internet, printing etc.) for the use of the community (as well as the church).

  • A purpose built “hall” better suited to fellowship and celebration gatherings and the like, with a kitchen of appropriate size that is appropriately outfitted with appliances etc.

  • All the “tech” gear that is required to be able to do worship, provide ministries, programmes etc. in a God honouring way.

  • Worship facilities with plenty of “space” (space in our current worship centre is at a premium and constrains what we can do) not only for “Sunday” worship but which can be used by the community for weddings etc. In addition a smaller chapel open to anyone who wants to pause, reflect, pray etc.

We know and believe that God can provide us with the facilities to meet what we believe is the property vision he has given us so that we can work with him to achieve what he is calling us to do as part of his mission.

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