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A Christmas Experience is coming us soon! 


Saturday 6th December - Christmas Movie

- Film Screen to go up!  Family outdoor Christmas Movie Premiere

Movie will be playing:

Friday 12th and 13th Dec, Friday 19th Dec and right through the christmas experience each night.

Sunday 21st December - 23rd December Christmas Experience

- Follow the Star 8pm - 10pm

Christmas Cafe, Outdoor movie, Christmas Art Display and Follow the star card

Wednesday 24th December

- Christmas Eve Carol Service 8:30 pm



And if you are keen to get involved and help . . . . .


Saturday 29th November - 9am - 12 noon

- Check the Christmas Lights and Spring cleaning windows etc.
Saturday 6th December 
- 9am

- Set up of the rest of the outdoor display for Christmas Experience

- Set up Christmas Movie Screen about 6 ish & set up of Black fabric in Childrens ministry centre.
Saturday 13th December - 9am

- Set up of Christmas display artworks in the children's ministry center.

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