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The Tearing of Your Own Veil

Lent - March 28 (Maundy Thursday)

Matthew 27:45-56, Mark 15:33-41, Luke 23:26-49, John 19:16-38

The Tearing of Your Own Veil

Because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, there is nothing that stops us from experiencing God’s presence. Of course, we’re not just talking about the omnipresence of God that David wrote about in Psalm 139:7-12, but of the awful, terrifying, glorious, and awesome manifest presence of the Living God, which made Moses, Isaiah, and John feel like they had almost died.

On the Cross, Jesus’ gift of Himself removed the veil from God’s side. However, there is still an obstacle between Him and us. Self is the veil between God and us: self-love, self-pity, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, self-defense, our broken self.

“The only way to remove this veil is for the Cross to do its deadly work within us and allow the painful process of letting my (-self) sin to be judged by the Cross and go through the ordeal of suffering as Jesus did.” (A.W Tozer)

We avoid pain at all costs, but this painful process of tearing our veil is crucial for spiritual freedom. Indeed, the veil that hides us from Him is made of deep longings, dreams, and desires. It will bleed if we tear it, but this is the only way we will be free to experience God’s presence.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: Read Gal. 2:20. How does this passage impact your understanding of Jesus’ Crucifixion? What does “crucified with Christ” mean to you daily?

Pray: Lord, please grant me a desire for just You, You alone and nothing else. Apart from Your work of moving hearts and bending wills, there isn’t an ounce of me that sincerely wants You through my will. Show me Your splendor beyond what these eyes can see, and the mind can envision. I want to live in Your presence. Please reveal to me the veils I need to crucify so I would die to me and live through You.

Respond: Today or in the next few days, write a list of thoughts, desires, and habits that need to be crucified. Then, spend some time with the Lord (maybe even for a few days) and ask Him to reveal why you should die to the things on your list. Read Romans 12:1-2 if you need some inspiration.

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