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The Wonder of It All

Lent - Saturday March 16

Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:1-11, John 12:1-11

The Wonder of It All

As I look at the different characters in this passage, I wonder, Simon, how did it feel to be known as Simon the Leper? Was it hurtful, or was it thrilling? You were obviously healed, or you would not have been in society. I wonder at the thrill of having Jesus in your home. Your heart must have been overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving as you reclined at the table listening to Jesus speak, just being in His presence.

Mary, I wonder how it felt to be rebuked by the disciples and then have Jesus come to your defense? I wonder at your extravagant love as you sacrificially poured out on Jesus. You heard with your heart and saw with spiritual eyes, but did you understand the things that would happen? Your faith-filled devotion, gratitude, and worship as you sat at His feet and anointed Him amaze me. You gave Him your all.

Judas, my heart breaks for you. I wonder how you could have walked with the Savior and completely missed who He was. Your eyes were on yourself and what was in it for you. Did you know it would cost you everything?

I wonder….

Questions for Reflection:

Think: Of the characters in this story, which one do you most relate to? Which one do you have the most questions about?

Pray: In your prayer time, ask the Lord to reveal any labels attached to you that are inaccurate or remain from your old life. Ask that God would show you what labels He would have for you.

Respond: Often, the people closest to us are the ones who put inaccurate labels on us. What can you do this week to encourage the people in your life to embrace the good labels that God has for them?

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