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Take Up Your Cross

Lent - Saturday March 9

Matthew 16:21-28; Luke 9:18-27

Take Up Your Cross

Whose am I? To Whom do I belong? Do I belong to this world? Am I wrapped up in the never-ending demand for my comfort? Free to do and act as I please, Refraining only from the hurting of another human being; Or does my loyalty belong to someone greater Who has shown me another way In contrast to what the world exhibits? Walking with Jesus every day, Peter misunderstood. Seeking to protect His Master, he embraced the lie of Satan That God’s will was negotiable. King of all creation, Yet You stepped into my world as one like me And asked me to surrender my life As You did Yours. How then can I insist on my way, Knowing You gave up everything for me? The world may hate me. My spiritual family may criticize. But I cannot demand my rights. My cross to carry requires that I give these up. It is but a small thing When I consider the cross borne for me.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: What are the ways Jesus laid down His rights during His life and death? What do you think it could look like to lay down our rights as Christians today? What are common barriers to doing so?

Pray: As you enter into a time of prayer today, ask God if there are any ways that you are currently grasping for your rights when you should be laying them down. Then, spend some time in silence, listening to see if He has anything to say to you.

Respond: Just as Jesus experienced negative feedback and pushback from Peter, we can expect to experience the same thing if we choose to follow Him. How do you currently respond to criticism, pushback, misunderstanding, or personal attacks? Spend some time this week thinking through your natural response and how you can make your response more like how you think Jesus would respond in the same circumstances.

With thanks to B4Church

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