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Our Daily Cross

Lent - Tuesday March 5

Matthew 16:21-28; Luke 9:18-27

Our Daily Cross

All too often, we can get stuck in the expectation that following Jesus means a life of love and joy that keeps us removed from all manner of struggle. After all, Jesus died and rose again to deliver us. Yet, there is a painful reminder in this passage that following Jesus is not only a daily struggle; it is also opening ourselves up to a life where we may face ridicule, pain, and suffering. In other words, to follow Jesus, to be discipled by Jesus, we must be willing to experience the lowest of lows as He did.

Yes, following Jesus will take us to places of healing, miracles, and abounding love. Yes, following Jesus will also take us through the jeers and persecution of the crowds. Still, we are called each day to follow Him, to live a life of loving sacrifice for our communities and our world, even when we may never see the dividends. After all, bearing the cross did not serve Christ. Rather, it was a willing sacrifice that served others so they might know the love of the Father.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: How does Jesus describe what it looks like to follow Him? How does this description differ from how our world encourages us to live? How is it similar to or different from how we usually view what following Jesus should look like?

Pray: It is hard to follow Jesus’ example of sacrificial living. What may be something that you need to pray for help with on this journey of sacrificial living?

Respond: To sacrifice for others means setting our comfort aside so that we may give of ourselves to bless others. What could you do daily that may inconvenience or be a sacrifice for you but bless others?

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