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Lost and Found

Lent - Friday March 8

Matthew 16:21-28; Luke 9:18-27

Lost and Found

When I first encountered this story, I found it too abstract. As a Christian convert from a different religious background, all I knew was to follow my American dream of professional advancement, prosperity, and happiness. Little did I know, Jesus had a very different vision and mission for my life. Soon, I learned the meaning of the cross, what it meant to deny oneself and follow HIM. I wasn’t a willing participant. Still, Jesus had a way – not too hard, not too soft, but just right!

He empowered me to surrender my will and follow Him, even if it meant denying myself to carry the burden of the cross. Practically, I had to love and not be loved to carry my cross. Understand and not be understood. Show compassion without expectation of any in return. Forgive despite being maligned. Be crushed in body but not in spirit and persevere despite the loss of hope. Jesus has been the keeper of my soul. He has empowered me to carry my cross with joy, peace, and contentment, so I can be a source of blessing to those He places in my path.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: What does “carrying your cross” mean to you? List your crosses or worldly denials that have shaped you thus far.

Pray: Are there new ways that God would have you deny yourself and carry your cross in this current season? Spend some time in prayer, asking God to give you the strength and wisdom to do so.

Respond: What part of this passage is most challenging to you? Work on memorizing that verse or phrase this week.

With thanks to B4Church

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