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Where Is Your Faith?

Lent - Friday March 1

Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25

Where Is Your Faith?

I recently attempted to get relief from a shoulder injury and used an electric blanket. It got really hot, so I turned it down. Then I turned it up again and down again. Is Jesus like an electric blanket? Does He turn off when I’m in need?

No, I believe Jesus is always with me. He is constantly present, calming my fears and sitting with me in the boat. I’ve needed Him to sit with me more lately. I’ve realized there are going to be seasons in my life where, like the disciples, I’m going to run to Him shouting, “Master, Master, we are going to drown!”

However, I am reminded that my comfort comes from Him. He comes to the rescue when we call out to Him. He is not an electric blanket that I can turn off or on. He is consistently for me and with me. I’m so thankful that Jesus can heal hearts, minds, and bodies. When I’m struggling to understand the complexities of life, I want my response to the question, “Where is your faith?” to be, “In You, Jesus!”

Questions for Reflection:

Think: How do you think the disciples felt in the boat during the storm? When in your life have you felt this way?

Pray: In your prayer time today, ask God to show you where your faith is rooted. Is it in your circumstances or His character? Ask Him if you need to change any attitudes or actions to become more rooted in who He is.

Respond: Spend some time this week compiling Scripture passages that remind you of who God is and what He has promised (you can do a Google search to help you get started). Keep this list somewhere you can easily refer back to when facing stormy seasons. You might also want to work on memorizing one of these promises or making a piece of art as a visual reminder of who God is.

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