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Temptation of Jesus

Lent - February 24

Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13

Temptation of Jesus

In these verses, we can see that Jesus is fully human yet fully God. After 40 days of fasting, Jesus was physically weak. Although, when He was tempted by evil, Jesus was able to fight the Devil spiritually.

As humans, we face temptation daily. Temptation comes in many different shapes and forms. It can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or even a combination of these. Additionally, we can be tempted consciously or subconsciously. There are many degrees of temptation. Sometimes it is so subtle that we don’t even know it’s happening. Through temptations, we experience an internal struggle. Some are easy battles to win. Others are embedded so deeply they can imprison us.

As we raise our collective consciousness of our temptation, it is an opportunity to learn about ourselves and walk closer to God rather than shying away from analyzing our temptation. Through this awareness and conversation within ourselves and along with God, we can truly understand ourselves. Then, God can, therefore (Luke 4:18), “… proclaim freedom… [and] set the oppressed free”.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: As you read the story of Jesus’ temptation by the Devil, can you think of a few temptations you have faced in the past? How are these similar to or different from Jesus’ experience? How did you react? How does your response compare to how Jesus responded to temptation?

Pray: Spend some time in prayer today asking God if there is anything you need to learn from how Jesus responded to temptation. Ask God if there is anything He is trying to tell you about how you react in similar circumstances and how you can react more like Jesus in the future.

Respond: Start to train your brain to respond well to future temptations. Take a moment to think through at least one common temptation you face. Think about your past responses and how you want to respond in the future. Then, visualize how you think God is calling you to respond. Keep playing that scenario over in your head so you can train for the next time it comes up.

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