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Ministers Monday Moment - Priorities

This weeks MMM comes to you on Tuesday because yesterday was of course the Mondayised statutory holiday for ANZAC day which was Saturday. I hope you had a relaxing day and did something different.

Try as i might all my thoughts this morning come back to our lockdown and the change from Alert Level 4 to 3 last night at midnight. Maybe because when I turned on the TV while having breakfast it seemed like 75% of the time the topic of conversation was take-aways and whether or not New Zealander's were going to rush to but take-aways because they now can. Thankfully it seems not - in fact one TV cross was done with an empty McDonald's drive through in the background at 8am.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you shouldn't have take-aways but surely there are more important things to be thankful for this morning - like the availability of good quality coffee for instance. Just joking!

But seriously the question I find myself asking is what are my priorities? Perhaps that's one thing that has come out of taking time out over the last few weeks as we've not been able to do what we would normally do.

You may or may not have taken time to consider what your real priorities are and what they should be. Perhaps though, if you pause and look back on the last 5 weeks your priorities will be come clear. Without the pressure of school, work etc (for some anyway), without the expectations of others on us to the same normal extent, we've been able to do what WE wanted to do. Our own priorities have surfaced.

As we move into at least 2 weeks at Alert Level 3 perhaps we can pause, identify our priorities allowing God to speak to us about them, and concrete them in so that our new normal is different to the past.

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