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Ministers Monday Moment - Getting rid of the "in"

Inequality i.e. things not being equal is all around us. We see it in all aspects of life. Usually we see it because someone else has something, has access to something, that we believe we should have and/or have access to. Sometimes though we are the other person - we are the ones who have something that others feel they should have.

It seems to me that the best response to inequality is to do all we can to get rid of the "in." To change inequality into equality.

I know that's not easy, and none of us can do it alone, but each of can do something. And each little action we take adds to a growing amount of action and so things change. Those of us old enough to remember when the Berlin wall came down (and those who have seen recordings of it) will remember seeing that first part of the wall come down. A wall which had literally divided a nation came down because one stone came down first.

When we see inequality we can see it as just part of "being human" or we can do our bit to rebuild humanity back to how God made us - in his image. All equal.

What is your part in getting rid of the "in?"

Blessings for an awesome week.


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