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Ministers Monday Moment - eating humble pie

Have you ever had to "eat humble pie?" In other words admit you made a mistake, apologise and try to correct it if you can? Chances are you have or if you haven't yet you will in time because we all make mistakes.

I have a confession - I hate making mistakes! Especially simple ones which are administrative, organisation or "office" based. For many years I wore the fact that I didn't make simple mistakes as a badge of honour and I'd get frustrated with myself when I did make those mistakes. I don't think that's a bad thing - for me it's taking pride in using my God-given skills to the best of my ability.

And there's the key words -"best of my ability." I'm not perfect like God who never makes mistakes - I'm human and I do make mistakes (over the last few years there have been more of what I call silly little mistakes - which I put down to having too much to remember, to juggling too many balls in the air).

We all make mistakes. The key is to recognise when we do and to do our best to correct them - which sometimes means eating humble pie. And of course trying not to make the same mistake again.

So I ask you to forgive others, including me, who make mistakes that affect you. Be charitable - give them the benefit of the doubt that it was a mistake and not deliberate.

And now I'm off to eat humble pie for a mistake which arises from me forgetting something



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