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Minister's Monday Moment - God thinks you're special

Today I'm going to do something different. I'm going to follow the same, well reiterate really, God's message to us all yesterday - that he thinks we are special.

Some of you reading this don't think you're special. You think there is no difference between you and others. "I'm nothing special," "I'm not unique," "anyone can do what I do." These are all phrases that we use to say we are not special - that we are just one of the crowd.

The truth is each and every one of you is unique. I am unique. Think of this, there is no-one in the world - no-one who has ever lived or who ever will live who has exactly the same DNA as you. No-one who has the same combination of personality, likes, dislikes, gifts, skills, abilities that you have. Sure some might come close but no-one is exactly like you.

Whether you think so or not you are special. But don't take my word for it - listen to God's word "Jeremiah 31:3 (The Message) — They met God out looking for them!” God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will.

You don’t look for something you don’t value. You don’t look for something you don’t think is special. Imagine – God thinks we are so special that he goes out looking for us.

And he has never stopped loving us – and what’s more always will.

At the beginning of this post I said "God's message to us all yesterday - that he thinks we are special." Yesterday was his reminder that he (God) thinks each of us is special - yesterday, today and forever - AND that he wants us to know we are special. Do you?

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