Minister's Monday Moment - Continuous Improvement

"Yep, 100 per cent. You’d be foolish in the game not to have improvements to put on the boat throughout a two month period of a challenger series into an America’s Cup and we have got new stuff,” Freddie Carr, INEOS Team UK grinder after Sir Ben Ainsley had sailed their boat into the finals of the America's Cup (Source - America's Cup: British star warns: Team New Zealand are fast, the bar is set high (Stuff 25/1/2021).

That's part of the story of the America's Cup isn't it? The quest to always get better. To be better tomorrow than you were today. To take that next step, to do it better.

Is that your quest in life? Are you always looking to be better tomorrow than you were today? To be better today than you were yesterday? That's what a journey towards Christlikeness is. A journey of constantly being transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit - so we are better tomorrow than we were today and better today than we were yesterday.

This line from a song comes to mind "Yesterday's gone Sweet Jesus, and tomorrow may never be mine. Teach me today to live everyday one day at a time."

Have a blessed week


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