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Minister's Monday Moment - Cleaning Up

A bit late with today's MMM - at 10am when I aim to write this each week I was just contemplating the "mess" that was my office at the National Church. It's always a mess after ConneXion weekend - the time when we gather as a national movement for fellowship, learning and community. This year we started a day earlier than normal as we were hosting the South Pacific Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

But back to that mess - I started ConneXion on Thursday with the intention of keeping my office tidy ... but as time went on and especially as tiredness hit on Saturday that "resolution" went out the window and it became a case of just "dumping" stuff wherever it would fit (and not fall on the floor :) ). And so this morning it was clean up time. 2 hours and a recycling bin full of paper later and I'm pleased to say my office is once again tidy and ready for use.

What needs cleaning in your life? It may be something physical or it may be something "within" you. Chances are there is something within that needs cleaning. I encourage you to allow God to cleanse it.



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