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God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called

You may have heard this before. It's often used to "get past" our "objection" (aka "excuse") that I can't do what God is call me to do because I don't know how / I don't have the skills etc. We fail to realise that God already knows that. He knows we don't know / don't have the skills but like any good leader he has a plan in place to help us develop the skills, the knowledge, the understanding we need to successfully do what he wants us to do.

Like starting a new job, or a new course of study, or a new subject at school sometimes our saying "yes", our "signing on" is the start of our learning. Other times when we say "yes", when we "sign on" to God's call, we realise that he has been equipping us for this for some time. That we are the right person for this "role" in this season.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking about responding to God's call. Some have said yes, some are still thinking about, some have said no. If you are in those latter two categories I suspect this week's MMM is for you.

Whatever God has called you to - say yes knowing he will equip you with all that you need (if he hasn't already). In my experience (as one who has found all sorts of excuses (and still does sometimes :)) he's not going to give up call you anyway.

COVID-19 willing I'm off to visit family (including meeting my granddaughter) in Australia on Monday so have a blessed couple of weeks and I'll see you on my return.



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