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Calming the Storm

Lent - Monday February 26

Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25


This week, we will look at the familiar story of Jesus calming the storm. The season of Lent is often a reminder that we all go through storms in our lives, our world, and our hearts. Yet, the same Jesus who can calm a physical storm can also calm the storms around us. We are reminded through this story that Jesus is Lord overall. He promises to be with us in the midst of whatever comes our way.

Calming the Storm

The three versions of the story of Jesus crossing the Sea of Galilee are essentially the same, with the same challenge and message. The word “storm” is a symbolic depiction of trials and tribulations faced by everyone on Earth who is human. When Jesus admonished His disciples and acted to still the storm, He used the same Hebrew word to rebuke Satan and satanic issues or possession. To me, personally, the crux of the message is not in the fact that Jesus had the power over the storm. Instead, I see the disciples’ lack of faith and trust throughout this story.

I’ve faced several “storms” in my life. Among them are the premature passing of my beloved earthly father, the challenges and decisions I made when I met my wife, and the unbelievably difficult weeks and months that followed multiple surgeries my wife underwent in 2010. Those days were the most difficult and gut-wrenching ones in my life. I did not understand then what it means to trust Jesus completely. I did not have the faith to realize that the ultimate destination was His Kingdom and peace, whatever the earthly outcome. I do now.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: What do you think about the way Jesus addressed His disciples on the boat during the storm? What message do you think He was trying to teach them with His “scolding”?

Pray: Today, pray this prayer, “Lord, help me to have an unshakeable faith that You can calm every storm in my life. Steer me away from focusing only on the circumstances of the storm, but instead allow me to focus on You.”

Respond: How do you face the storms in your life? Do you tend to panic, become paralyzed with fear, or have nagging doubts about God’s power? What does this story teach you about how you can respond to storms in the future? If it’s helpful, spend some time journaling on this topic or processing it aloud.

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