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A Sacrifice of Praise

Lent - Thursday March 14

Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:1-11, John 12:1-11

A Sacrifice of Praise

Mary brought a costly jar of pure aromatic oil and poured it out on Jesus’ feet. I imagine that she offered her praise and thanks to Jesus for raising her brother, Lazarus, from the dead. She found the most precious thing she had, and she gave it all. But unfortunately, others saw it as a colossal waste. They chastised her and told her that what she did was foolish.

I love how Jesus immediately shut them down and validated Mary’s offering. Not only that, He told them what she did was prophetic (referring to her anointing His body for burial) and would be talked about for generations to come.

This story is a beautiful reminder that our offerings of praise, adoration, and thanksgiving are precious to Jesus. They bring change to whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. Mary found the most costly thing she had, and she poured it out on His feet as an act of giving everything to Jesus. It honored Him and ushered in an atmosphere of praise to the place. So, while we cannot physically pour out oil on our Savior’s feet today, we can offer our whole hearts in devotion to Him.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: As you continue to think about this passage, what sticks out to you the most about Mary’s sacrifice?

Pray: Today, as you read these portions of Scripture, take a moment to pray and ask Jesus how you can offer your whole heart to Him.

Respond: As you go through your day today, what ways can you offer a sacrifice of praise to Jesus? Take a moment to stop and identify some sacrifices you might need to make. Are you holding anything back?

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