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Ministers "Monday" :) Moment - Take a walk and give

A very belated Monday Moment this week and my apologies for that.

Sunday we did something different. Each family was invited to come up and take an envelope. In that envelope, folded in a card (see the images), was a $50 note. I encouraged each family to take that $50, add something to it if they can (anything from $1 upwards) and bless someone else with it. Someone in need. It's called a reverse offering - rather than giving to God through the church we are giving to the community through us.

Often we don't know who will be most blessed by this gift or who needs it the most and so we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us to the person. Personally I sense the Holy Spirit saying - "take a walk around your community and I will show which letterbox to put it in."

If you weren't at church on Sunday and would like to be part of this then contact me - I still have some cards (and $50) to give and I & your Servant Leaders would rather see this money going to those in need rather than going back into the church's bank account.

And if you are wondering where that money is coming from - Right from when this church was planted (nearly 20 years ago) we have had a policy / commitment that we would give 10% (a tithe) of the tithes & offerings given to the church to ministry "beyond ourselves." More on that in another MMM.

As you enter this last week before Christmas may the joy of the season be uppermost in your hearts and minds and may it push out any stress etc. that might try to take away fronm this most joyous and happy of seasons.

Finally - I'm looking forward to seeing you at one or more of our Christmas events (details in the images below.

Blessings in the name of the one who loved us so much he came down from heaven to live amongst us.


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