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Ministers Monday Moment - On the top of the wave

What an awesome weekend we've just had. Pausing to celebrate 20 years of ministry. We interacted with an served the community in which God has placed us; we fellowshipped together over meals; we heard each other's stories; we celebrated God's faithfulness as we gathered in worship.

There were many "themes" which came through over the weekend - maybe I'll talk about some of those in coming weeks but today I want to focus on God's faithfulness. The faithfulness he has shown us over these last 20 years as we have tried to catch the wave of God's work. When we are on the top of the wave we move faster and that's where we have always tried to be - on the top of the wave with God.

When we are there he has shown himself to be faithful and because of that, time and time again, he has shown us we can trust him no matter what is happening. Sometimes its been hard to understand what he's doing and as we look forward that will no doubt be the case again - Then, as always, we remember his word - Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

Have a blessed week as you trust in God in all things


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