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Ministers Monday Moment - Health & Safety

It seems that wherever I turn at the moment Health & Safety is in my view. I've just received the minutes of the WMCNZ National Health & Safety Task group. This morning the class I was working in was learning about the Heath & Safety at Work Act (HSWA 2015). And my mind has turned to Health & Safety for our Fun Day on Saturday as part of our Anniversary celebrations this weekend. The common theme is the HSWA 2015 which is designed to ensure that we are all safe at work and in church etc.

Each of us has responsibilities under the HSWA even as employees and people attending events etc. Responsibilities to care for our own health, to keep ourselves safe and to make sure we don't do anything to put other's health & safety at risk.

The Christian life is a bit like that. We have the responsibility to care for our own spiritual health by being faithful to Jesus, by reading God's word, by prayer and taking steps to ensure we mature as Christian Disciples. We also have the responsibility to help others care for their spiritual health and to help them mature as disciples.

How do we do that? By being part of a Transformational Discipleship Group. Email Hala about how you can be - either as part of a group that meets at church, or one that meets in someone's home, or in your own family discipleship group at home.



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