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Ministers Monday Moment – Discerning the will of God

Have you ever wondered what God’s will is for your life? Have you ever wondered what is his will in particular situation you are facing? Have you ever wondered what he is calling you to?

I’m not talking here of what I’ll call the big picture – we know God’s will is that we will love him, believe in him, accept his son Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and that we will enjoy life in eternity with him. No, let’s take that as given.

Today I’m talking about knowing God’s will for our life on a day to day basis. Not at the level of should I have a “flat white” or a “latte” this morning (it’s a flat white that’s sitting next to me by the way 😊). No, I’m thinking bigger / wider than that but not too much.

Perhaps like – where should I focus my work today? Who should I make sure I contact? What does he want me to do in following him? Where is he calling me to serve him?

As I often do, I’m sitting in a café in Manukau mall, as I write this. It’s just after 9am and so it’s pretty quiet. In fact, there is only one other person in the café with me right now. If I wanted to find out how his day is going, or what he plans to do with his day for instance, all I need to do is ask. We can strike up conversation and the answers could come quite easily. And what’s more be readily understandable and clear. I could discern all I need to know about his day simply by talking and listening.

While God is here with me it’s not quite as simple or as easy to discern (understand, know with some certainty) what he wants me to do today or what he wants me to do in serving him. Or is it?

Over the last few weeks, I have been discerning God’s will in terms of my role as National Secretary of the WMCNZ. My term comes to an end in just under 4 weeks and the key question I have needed to discern is “Lord, are you calling me to serve you as National Secretary for another term (4 years)? My discernment has been helped by a process which was instituted by the 2017 National Conference. As part of that process every person accepting nomination for a National Office is required to respond to respond on three key areas – call, gifts and readiness. These become topics of conversation (prayer) with God.

In helping you discerning God’s will for you I offer you these “questions” that you might use as a starting point.

  • Father, what are you calling me to?

  • Lord, help me to know with certainty what you are calling me to?

  • Father – direct me to those who can help me discern your call to me. Who are the people who can help me process this?

  • Lord, remind me of my gits and abilities?

  • Lord, how would you have me use them?

  • Father, help me k now that you will give me, and provide me with the opportunities to develop, the gifts and abilities I need to do what you are calling me to.

  • Father, show me how I am ready and/or what I need to do to be ready.

  • Lord, make your will clear to me in ways, through people, through your word, so that I know that I know that I know that this truly your will for me.

When you have discerned what you believe God is calling you to, there is only one thing to do – take the next step towards doing it.

I am always happy to help you discern God’s will for you.

Blessings for an awesome week


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