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Ministers Monday Moment - Celebration 2

I was recently told by an HR Manager for a large organisation - "Always find something to celebrate at the end of your day - and find a way to celebrate it."

Celebration - we don't do it often enough and yet we have so much to celebrate. Take a moment to think about something you can celebrate. It doesn't have to be big it can just be something simple - like someone said in service yesterday - I can celebrate that I woke up this morning! Actually I suppose that's quite a big thing - God gave them another day of life - but you get the picture.

What can you celebrate right now & how will you celebrate? Maybe another cup of coffee, maybe just pausing to smile, maybe a high 5 with someone close, maybe something more. Whatever works for you just do it.

Make it a habit to find something to celebrate everyday (but don't fall into the trap of making it something "that I HAVE to do" because then it's no fun.

My celebration point today - that you are all in my life in some way or another. And to celebrate I'm going to raise my coffee mug in salute to you all and enjoy my first coffee for the day.

May God bless you with a week that is full of moments to celebrate.


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