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Ministers Monday Moment - Building on the right foundation

There are 2 "introductions" to this weeks MMM that come to mind - Matthew 7:24-27 which I encourage you to look up and the image attached to this post. It is one of 100's of photos taken as we built our worship and community space and shows the column that is "behind" the nice painted gib-board that the cross is mounted on now.

Look closely and I hope you'll see what I saw when I first saw the image. It's not perfect but do you see the cross? To me that is significant because our church is built on our faith and knowledge that Jesus Christ died on a cross and rose again so that every person who has ever lived, or whoever will live - can have an eternal relationship through him with God the Father. We built the church on the foundation of God's love shown through that act on that cross 2,000+ years ago.

The foundation I want to remind us all of is that which underpins everything that we are called to do by God - PRAYER. Prayer is the foundation on which our lives - both as individuals and as the people of God (the church) is built. Prayer - communicating with God - talking to him and listening to him - is what must guide all that we do. And when we pray and ask God for what is in HIS will for us he responds and pours out his blessings.

Prayer has been the foundation of every revival throughout history. If we want revival to happen in our lives, our homes, our communities and our world it starts with prayer. If we want to see an end to hatred, division, prejudice and racism we need to pray, pray, pray and then pray some more. We need to pray individually. We need to pray together as families. We need to pray together as the church - the people of God. We need to continue to pray - it's not just a one-off.

I encourage you to do that by joining us on Sunday evening 7:00 - 7:30pm. I urge you to ask yourself - "what is so important that I can't take 30 minutes to join together with my church to pray for my community, for the Kingdom of God to be present in the hearts of every person on earth?" 30 minutes - either at the church or on ZOOM. It's not much for God to ask.

We will see great things happen when we pray, history shows us that.

Blessings for a fantastic week


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