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Ministers Monday (almost) Moment - Taking time ...

5 years - A significant number for two of our families this past weekend. As some gathered to celebrate Azayvalina's (Zayvie) 5th birthday - a significant milestone for this little princess - others gathered to remember a loving husband, father, grandfather who passed away 5 years ago - Atutafisi (Atu) - a man of God who I know would have heard those words from God that we all long to hear - "well done, good and faithful servant."

It has only struck me today (ok maybe I'm a bit slow) that 5 years ago we also mourned Atu's passing and celebrated Zayvie's birth all in the same week.

You might say - such is life - such things are bound to happen in a growing church. And that's true, but that doesn't make it any less important to take the time to remember and to celebrate. To recognise that birth and death are both part of life. God brings us into this world and when the time he has allotted us is up, he takes us home again.

Yes - both birthdays and the death of a Christian are times to celebrate. That's clearly true for birthdays, and the death of a Christian whilst it brings grief and pain is also (at the right time) something to celebrate. After all - eternal life with God is a gift worth celebrating isn't it.

As you go through life - find reasons, whether big or small, to celebrate and take the time to celebrate.

Blessings for your week.




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