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Minister's Monday Moment - we're back!

Though in reality we never went anywhere. 2 months of not being able to physically meet at the church building will officially come to an end - this Sunday 31 May at 10:00am. I hope that brings you as much joy as it does me.

We have never stopped being the church though. We've just been the church in different places and in different ways. And that won't change. We will meet together physically as the church but isn't that what we've been doing? The only difference is that the size of our gathering together will change from just a few in our bubble to potentially the whole church family.

Well that's not the only difference is it? What are you looking forward to when we meet together in person again. Some of things I'm looking forward to are seeing and hearing our children, interacting with our youth, seeing all of you of all ages. Laughing together, learning together, eating together, celebrating birthdays, chatting together until we realise we have to leave before the Rotuman's arrive. I'm really looking forward to not being constrained by a computer screen and video conferencing when I preach. I've missed being able to be animated and creative!

The church is not the building as we know but it's going to be good to get back into the building God has provided for us. It's going to be good to see your faces in person.

This Thursday the Servant Leaders will be making decisions about what our ministry will look like in this new season. We'll be looking at what things we've done and learnt over these last couple of months that we want to continue with, what we might change, what we will not continue with. If you have any thoughts please let me have them by Wednesday night. And whether you do or don't please pray for us the God will provide us with the guidance and wisdom we need to lead his church as he wants us to lead it and where he wants to lead us.

After that meeting we will be sending you information on the precautions etc. that we will be taking to keep each other safe.

For now have a great week and I'll see you on Sunday at 10:00am



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