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Minister's "Monday" Moment - The unexpected

I'm sitting watching a TV programme - a cop drama - which like all of this genre has started with the unexpected. In this case a bomb detonating in a TV station. We know that by the end of the programme the case will be solved and we will know not only who planted the bomb but also why.

Life is not always like that though is it? Sometimes the unexpected happens and we are left wondering why. Sometimes we find out the answers, other times we don't - or at the very least it's a long time before we find out why.

When you don't know why something happened how do you feel? How do you react? What do you do? Where do you turn when you can't find the answers.

In those situations I encourage you to take it to the Lord in prayer

. That's right - pray - not to find out why (though sometimes that's appropriate to do) - but to put your concerns about what happened in the hands of the one who wants to take them and comfort you - God.

Blessings for a great week


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