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Minister's "Monday" Moment - Reflecting on the year

Short and simple today - On Sunday we paused to reflect on 5 questions designed to help us review the year that comes to a close tomorrow. I promised you the full list of reflection questions that I sourced that from - the full list is here. Like me, I'm sure you'll find some "jump out at you" as ones that you want to answer; others you will find easy to answer; yet others will be harder to answer and may even be ones that you don't want to answer. And that's ok. Whether you take time to reflect using all or some of these questions or whether you use some other way, my encouragement is to pause and reflect so that you can move forward into 2021 with renewed purpose, vision and vigour. After all this is not an exercise in finding what went wrong, what you didn't do well or how you mucked up (sure some of that will come to mind), this is an exercise designed to build you up and strengthen you.

Blessings for the rest of the year :) and for the beginning of 2021.


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