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Minister's Monday Moment - One of those weekends!

Today, as I was waiting for our youth to make their way back from lunch ready to come home after WYCamp 2021, I was talking with one of my fellow Wesleyan Ministers. I had spoken with him on Friday night when we were both dropping off youth from our respective churches at the start of camp.

It was natural that our conversation turned to - "so how was your weekend?" What a contrast we found. One of us had a relatively quiet weekend - the other very hectic with lots of unexpected work to do. The one thing we had in common was that our numbers at our Sunday Services were down on average attendance. Not surprising in our case with so many on holiday and 12 - yes 12 - youth at camp. In fact ALL our youth were at camp and that is something to celebrate.

Outside us two Minister's weekends, we have families who have lost a family member unexpectedly and another who spent most of Sunday in the Waikato Hospital Emergency Department.

On the other side of the ledger we had people at church on Sunday who we haven't seen for a while.

What a weekend! And that's just what I can remember!

When the unexpected happens what do you do, where do you turn?

Are you resilient like the American Magic America's cup team who are determined to "stand back up" and bounce back from the disaster of their boat capsizing at 81 km/hour!

Do you look for the positives in seemingly negative situations? Do you find something to celebrate? For instance I've had a significant flood as a result of the plug being in the laundry tub when the washing machine was on and I've had to move a lot of boxes which have got wet and/or which are near where the flood technician's need to access to be able to dry out floors, walls etc. The celebration point? The number of things I've found and said to myself -"So that's where that is!" Actually I've had another celebration point - the amount of weight I've lost working in that heat over the weekend!

So when things don't go as you expected what should you do. How about looking for the positives, praying for help and guidance and being resilient.

Have a great week - no matter what is thrown your way



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