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Minister's Monday Moment - Never stop meeting together

"Let us not give up the habit of meeting together ... Instead, let us encourage one another all the more ..." Hebrews 10:25

But what is "meeting together?" When the the writer to the Hebrews wrote this he was writing to a group of believers, some of whom had stopped coming together to physically worship together. In other words, they weren't coming to "church." Physically coming together was the only way people could "meet together" in the 1st century AD.

But what is "meeting together" today in the 21st century? Until recently - possibly as late as mid-March most of us would, I suspect, have said "it's coming to church to worship together on Sunday mornings." And it still is, but one thing the last couple of months has I hoped shown you is that coming to church to worship together on Sunday mornings is not the only way to meet together as the church - the people of God.

For the last two months we have met together virtually. Some in larger bubbles than others, but we have continued to be connected as the people of God as we have met together, fellowshipped together, prayed together, sung together, chatted together, heard God's Word and message together - online. If any one needed convincing of it, the least 2 months have proven that the church is not the building (51 Diorella Drive in our case) - it is the people.

Despite what has been said the church has not been stopped from meeting over the last couple of months. It is not stopped from gathering because the gathering limit is still only 10 people. It has not been stopped from "meeting together," it has merely been required to find new ways to meet together.

Rather than being stopped from meeting I believe God has used the restrictions on physically meeting over these last few months to open our eyes to what his true church, the bride of Christ, is supposed to be - he tangata he tangata he tangata - the people, the people, the people.

Please pray for myself, the Servant Leaders and the Ministry Team Leaders as we seek God's plan for what it means for us to be the church in this new season. As we look to find ways to continue to meet together physically at 51 Diorella Drive and online across the world (as we have been - did you know we had over 500 people view our service on 19 April). And if you have any thoughts, ideas etc. please pass them on - God speaks through you just as much as he speaks through us

With all that - worshipping with the Harkness's and the Ziegler's yesterday (thanks to a technology problem at my place - but that's another story :) ) showed me how much I can't wait to get back to being able to physically meet together on Sunday morning.

May your week be blessed and safe as most return to school, work etc.


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