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Minister's Monday Moment - Looking forward

Last week we looked back - this week we look forward.

But who is driving?

It should be God. We should be looking forward to what God wants you to be and become - more Christlike. Yes, God's call to each of us is to become more Christlike this year. Those who heard God's message yesterday heard me say "The one thing we all have in common is that I believe God wants us to be able to say in 10, 20, 50 years from now, in fact at the end of this year – In 2021 I became more Christlike. For some of us he also wants us to be able to say - In 2021 I helped others on their journey to Christlikeness."

The question then becomes what is the next step he is calling you to take on that journey.

Perhaps it's accepting his gift of eternal life by surrendering yourself to Jesus Christ and allowing God to transform you into the image of Christ.

Perhaps its committing to one of these

Family devotions

Beginning a habit of reading the Bible

Beginning a habit of spending time in prayer

Joining us for prayer on Sunday nights

Being present in church more often this year

Joining or starting a transformation group

Walking closer with God everyday

Don't know? Ask God.

Do know? Do it!

And here are the links to the songs we heard yesterday. I suggest the one(s) that stand out to you are pointing you to your next step(s) toward Christlikeness

Family Bible

Read your Bible and Pray Everyday

Lord I’d Forgotten

Just a Closer Walk with thee

One day at a time

Blessings for this 1st week 0f 2021 and all the weeks ahead


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