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Minister's Monday Moment - Handling Disappointment

How do you handle disappointment? I found myself thinking about that this afternoon when the Prime Minister announced that gatherings under Level 2 will be limited to a maximum of 10. That means we still can't meet together physically as a church for at least 2 weeks. While I said yesterday that I thought the gathering limit would be reduced from "100" but I must admit I didn't think it would be reduced this far.

I was disappointed because I'm really looking forward to getting back to worshipping in the church, standing to sing, hearing others drown out my bad singing, fellowshipping together, responding to your body language as I preach etc. etc. etc. But I, like you will have to wait for that for at least 2 more weeks.

How did I handle that disappointment?

- I expressed it to a friend who I knew would understand.

- I expressed it to God who I know understands.

- I looked for the positives in the situation. Like it gives us more time to develop our safety plan; it gives us more time to pray and brainstorm what church and ministry could look like in a post COVID NZ; it gives the opportunity to reach more people with our services and ministries - did you know that over 600 people tuned in to at least part of our Easter services.

I was also encouraged when God reminded me that he knew I was going to be disappointed - this was part of my devotions this morning "Prayer: We are thankful Lord for Your Word that is able to help us with anxious or troubling thoughts. Help us today to speak a “good word “to someone who needs to hear it. May we find peace and joy in Your Presence. Amen.

And I was encouraged when God gave me this MMM - having told me to wait until after the PM's announcement this afternoon.

How do you handle disappointment - perhaps you can share so others might be encouraged and find ways to handle the times when they are disappointed.

Have an awesome week - last in Level 3 - remember to "Play it safe" as we enter Level 2 again.



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