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Minister's Monday Moment - Final Preparations

This week is usually one of my busiest. It is the week of the WMCNZ's annual gathering "ConneXion" when we gather from all over NZ for a weekend of fellowship, learning and business. This year we will gather in Christchurch starting on Friday and ending on Sunday. Planning has been underway for quite a while and this week it's all about final preparations. Those final details that need to be nailed down - many of which could not be done till now.

Life can be like that too as we plan for special events. But one thing we don't have to leave t the last minute is preparing for life with God in eternity. In fact its not something we should leave till the last minute. Why would you want to? After all a life in right relationship with God in eternity brings peace and happiness here on earth too - and who wouldn't want that.

Have a blessed week


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