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Minister's Monday Moment - Connection

Today I started back at one of my jobs. Now that we are once again at Level 1 MIT classes have started on campus again. I tried to connect to the internet from campus - but I couldn't and no matter what I tried I couldn't get access through the MIT network. It was only when I got home that I was able to get connected and so publish this.

It got me thinking about our connection with God. How strong is yours? Is it broken? Is something stopping you from connecting with him? Do you need to change location so to speak to reconnect with God? Do you need to find away around whatever has broken your connection with him.

Just like the internet was working this morning but something was stopping me from connecting, so too God is always there and the problem is at our end. It is up to us to get around the blockage and re-connect.

If I can help you re-connect give me a call.

Have a blessed week everyone


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