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Our COVID-19 Response

As Servant Leaders

  • We have had to decide whether we will require vaccine passes from those who attend and so have up to 100 people at church or decide to not require vaccine passes and have to restrict the numbers of those both vaccinated and unvaccinated who can attend in person. In making that decision:

  • We have had to decide what is best for us as a church in terms of meeting together safely.

  • We have had to decide how best to protect those who can’t be vaccinated, especially our children. 

  • We have had to decide how best to be able to introduce the saving grace of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.


After much prayer and discussion our collective discernment is that because meeting together is a very important part of our Christian walk we must do all we can to meet together in-person. And because loving your neighbour means keeping them as safe as possible we will require that every person 12 and over who attends our in-person services must be able to show their My Vaccine pass before they enter the building. Our children under 12 will of course not have to show they are vaccinated because they can’t be, at least not yet.

We take this decision with some sadness because we know it means that those who are unvaccinated will not be able to attend in-person at the church. We understand that this may stop some new people from the community from joining us.

We also understand that the church is not just those who meet together in-person though. And so we are committed to continuing to find ways for those who can’t attend in-person to be part of the service. We will try to do more to allow for more interaction between those online and those meeting in-person. We are also exploring the possibility of those who are unvaccinated being able to attend what we are calling hubs at places away from the church building.

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