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Wholly Present

Lent - Friday March 15

Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:1-11, John 12:1-11

Wholly Present

I recently talked with someone about being wholly present and how we can miss moments of transformation by not choosing to be present.

In this story, we see a woman willing to be wholly present. I imagine her mental list was long. She had a home full of people, a jar of perfume that was almost equivalent to a full year’s income, and critics vocalizing their disapproval. Yet, despite it all, she chose to be present. She knew the value of being wholly present at this moment would far outweigh the value of anything else that vied for her attention. All that mattered was her awareness of the presence of Jesus.

Holy moments happen when we are aware of Jesus’ presence and allow ourselves and others to be transformed by it. It is humbling to realize that every moment could be a holy moment if we only choose to be aware of the presence of Jesus.

Jesus makes the ordinary moments holy. A typical dinner at a friend’s house became a holy moment of anointing that would proclaim the divinity of Jesus for generations to come. All because a woman was wholly present and aware of the presence of Jesus.

Questions for Reflection:

Think: What factors were at work in this story that could have kept Mary from being wholly present? How did she demonstrate her full presence to Jesus? What things keep you from being fully present with Him?

Pray: As you spend time in prayer with God today, ask Him to help you quiet your heart and mind so that you can be wholly present with Him. Ask Him to reveal any attitudes or behaviors in your life that consistently keep you from being present with Him. If He shows something to you, ask what you should do to be more present.

Respond: For the next week, focus on being fully present, wherever you are. You might need to turn off notifications on your phone, look people in the eye while you talk to them, or spend time in solitude and silence with God. You know the things that keep you from fully being where you are. (If you don’t, ask your spouse or a close friend; they will tell you.) Work on resisting these things so that you don’t miss any holy moments God tries to gift you.

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